30th anniversary of multi-channel Cochlear Implant

Case Study

 The Client

Cochlear is the global leader in Cochlear™ Implant and bone anchored hearing aid technology. The Cochlear Implant is one of Australia’s greatest inventions (and exports). More than 250,000 people worldwide have had their hearing restored thanks to Cochlear’s hearing solutions.

 The Challenge

Many Australians live in a world with impaired sound – and a Cochlear Implant solution is still widely unknown or surrounded by myths. The 30th anniversary in 2012 of the first commercial Cochlear Implant was an opportunity to publicise the success and the accessibility of this Australian invention today.

Our approach

Press conference

By tapping into the natural national pride Australians feel for home-grown innovations, we took a multi-pronged approach, with a media event hosted in Melbourne (where the Cochlear Implant was invented 30 years prior) and multiple recipient case studied pitched to mainstream print and broadcast media all over the nation.

Timing for these events is critical – and national Hearing Awareness Week was the perfect occasion during which to host a celebratory event such as this.

By gathering the inspiring collective of inventor Professor Graeme Clark, the first commercial Cochlear Implant recipient, Graham Carrick, and other vital members of the team, the so called ‘Gang of four’ was an impressive line-up at the anniversary media event in Melbourne.

Our team provided a video news release to non-attending TV media at the time of the event as well as to those attending, and media kits including footage of the original operation and switch on, which ensured maximum coverage on the day.

We also interviewed a number of Cochlear Implant recipients from each state and territory, prepared case studies and media pitches for each – personal anecdotes are the key to securing localised coverage in particular.

Celebration event

As part of the celebration, we worked with Cochlear to hold a celebration lunch attended by Cochlear Implant recipients and their families and hearing health professionals. MC-ed by James O’Loughlin, the event was a wonderful celebration, with guest of honour Professor Graeme Clark regaling guests with stories of the Cochlear Implant journey.

The result

The event achieved outstanding coverage with 17 TV stories across Australia, in addition to widespread radio, print media and online coverage. This outstanding coverage reinforced the Cochlear message with many thousands of Australians in the weeks surrounding the anniversary.