Case Study

 The Client

As the global leader in implantable hearing solutions, Cochlear’s implantable hearing solutions have changed the lives of over 400, 000 hard of hearing people worldwide.

 The Challenge

To boost brand awareness of Cochlear implants as an effective solution – and in doing so, highlighting the importance of hearing health for Australian citizens, in particular for those living in the state of Victoria.

Our approach

Timing is everything when it comes to approaching the media with a major campaign:  Hearing Awareness Week (held in August each year) provides the perfect opportunity to create conversation around hearing health and bring the media’s focus to a solution such as Cochlear’s implantable solutions.

Since our first Hearing Awareness Week campaign in 2008, Cochlear has asked us to create a fresh HAW campaign each year – a challenge that we meet with relish. We’ve used a range of tactics including commissioning independent research; profiling amazing people whose lives have been transformed by Cochlear solutions; organising interviews with audiologists and ENTs to talk about hearing health; and arranging TV coverage of people being “switched on” for the first time.

The result

We have consistently achieved vast earned media during Hearing Awareness Week including television, radio, print and online coverage. Awareness of Cochlear and its implantable solutions has grown exponentially.

Events and experiential

Cochlear Hearing Awareness Week Coverage